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JVA ZM20 - 20 Sector Monitor



JVA ZM20 - 20 Sector Monitor

$2,265.00 Excl Sales Tax.

* Excluding Battery and Power Supply

The JVA ZM20  are advanced security electric fence monitoring systems, enabling the partitioning of an electric security fence into 20 programmable sectors. This gives greater accuracy in detecting the locality of a fault on the fence line which in turn allows for quicker targeted responses and/or better camera positioning.

The system is ideal when energizer placement in the field is not always possible. An energizer in one location can partition a single high voltage zone into 20 manageable sectors.


  • TCP/IP Connectivity with optional LAN Interface Board
  • Reduces the cost of multi-zone systems
  • Accurately divides a High Voltage Fence Zone into up to 20 Sectors
  • Is able to be monitored via a Keypad or a PC using Perimeter Patrol software, or any Web enabled device with the addition of a JPAE212 Web Server, with e-mailed alarms and able to be integrated into third party security management systems, at a variety of levels
  • Dual HV Feed, increases deterrent and reduces the effect of a cut wire
  • The JVA ZM monitor can be powered by any JVA electric fence energizer
  • Monitor 1 - 20 fence loops up to 6 mile wire length or maximum loop resistance of 1000 ohm
  • 2 - 20 Programmable sectors
  • Cut or bridge alarm on sudden reduction in current
  • 3 Programmable dry contact control relays
  • Siren and strobe switched 12V DC outputs
  • Built in charger and space for a 12V 7Ah backup battery


2 Year Manufacturer Warranty (excluding lightning damage)



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