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JVA ZM1 Fence Monitor with LCD Display – To be used with any energizer



JVA ZM1 Fence Monitor with LCD Display – To be used with any energizer

$588.92 Excl Sales Tax.

* Excluding Battery and Power Supply

The ZM1 is designed to be coupled with any standard electric fence energizer (see Limitations below) to power and monitor an electric fence. It can control large energizers, making it ideal on large agricultural, game and border security fences. The combination of the ZM1 and the energizer operates in the same way as a single JVA Z series energizer, with the exception that the pulse power level of the energizer cannot be modified. The ZM1 monitors the live feed line from the energizer to the fence and determines if the fence is working properly, by measuring the voltage, current, and therefore power, flowing to the fence.

As such, it does not require a return line from the end of the fence. This can represent a large saving on installation costs on new fences or make monitoring an existing fence possible if no return line was originally wired. The ZM1 can, however, also monitor the return if that is desired. The ZM1 has many programmable options which can be adjusted using a JVA Z‐Series keypad. By correctly setting the alarm threshold levels, it is possible to determine if a fence has been cut or shorted at any point.


  • Built into the wall mountable Z‐Series energizer enclosure
  • Does not require a return line
  • LCD current display (load)
  • LCD earth voltage display
  • LCD voltage display for out and return voltage
  • Controllable and Programmable via keypad with similar codes to the Z‐Series
  • Monitors fence voltage and current to trigger an alarm if current rises or voltage falls (load increases)
  • Can be combined with any energizer (see Limitations below) to produce a full featured security electric fence energizer/monitor
  • Start and end of fence monitoring
  • Able to be monitored via PC (using Z Control or Perimeter Patrol software)
  • Run from 16Vac or 12V DC external source
  • Built‐in battery charger plus connection for alternate larger external battery and charger
  • Controls 12V DC feed to energizer
  • Can control a 110Vac energizer via external relay (not supplied), (12V coil, 110Vac rated contacts)
  • Remote on/off or key switch
  • Gate contact input
  • Siren and Strobe switched 12V DC outputs 3 on board relays with many programmable functions

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