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JVA Z Range 4 Line Menu driven LCD Keypad


SKU : JPTE0240

JVA Z Range 4 Line Menu driven LCD Keypad

$88.00 Excl Sales Tax.

JVA Z Range 4 Line Menu driven LCD Keypad

The JVA 4-Line LCD Keypad is an integral component in the JVA Security Electric Fence product range. Providing a centralized interface between the Customer and their Perimeter Security Solution; it displays the current condition of each security device connected and can draw attention to adverse fence conditions. The keypad is used to control individual fence Energizers, Monitors or the entire site. The Customer has access to all of these features via a Menu Driven system or by entering key sequences. Security Installers also use the keypad to configure the JVA Security devices to the customer’s needs.


  • Easy to use, Menu Driven Interface; no need for manual when programming
  • Back-lit, 4-Line LCD providing important user information
  • 500-Entry Event Log; know when and what occurred on your fence
  • Battery backed, real time clock
  • Controls, monitors and programs any Z-Series device
  • Displays fence voltages, date, time and fence condition
  • Simple 3-wire operation
  • Battery voltage request display to energizer LCD
  • Ability to customize zone and gate names
  • 1 - 14 energizers can be controlled from one Keypad;
  • 1 - 3 keypads can control one energizer

 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty (excludes lightning damage)


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