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JVA Electric Fence Tamper Switch


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JVA Electric Fence Tamper Switch

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JVA Electric Fence Tamper Switch

The JVA Tamper Switch is a simple, clever patented product designed to be fitted to new or old fences, to detect when a live wire on an electric security fence line is being tampered with. 

This tamper switch will then trigger the fence line voltage monitor which in turn will trigger an alarm (siren, armed response, security lights, etc.) to warn the occupants of a property that their perimeter is being interfered with. (The electric wire may have been cut or forced apart.) 

The Switch has adjustable disks that can set the sensitivity of the tamper. Ideally the switch should be centered between two spring loaded tension points. The switch can be retro-fitted to Flat Bar and Square Tube fencing using the Type A Plate and to JVA Profile and JVA Y-Standards using the Type B Plate. Multiple Switches can also  be used on one post. 

Multiple switches can be added in a single strand if higher security is required (see bottom strand below). The switch can be used on HV and LV fencing. The susceptibility to wire movement can be made very sensitive on low voltage fences (ZLM powered), where the arcing of high voltage is less of an issue. It is important to make sure that the post to which the Tamper Switch is attached is earthed to ground.

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