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JVA Fence Tester - Directional Fault Finder


SKU : A301

JVA Fence Tester - Directional Fault Finder

$168.00 Excl Sales Tax.

The JVA Electric Fence Tester (Fault‐Finder) is a 2‐in‐1 tool designed to display fence voltage and current and lead the user quickly to the location of the fault on an electric fence.


  • Built‐in voltage and current meters with digital screen display
  • Simple‐to‐use, one‐touch operation
  • No wires or clips means no tangles or shocks
  • Brightly illuminated arrows indicate fault direction
  • Automatic pulse polarity recognition – will operate accurately with any brand of energizer
  • Gives low battery warning if the battery needs replacing
  • Positive location gives more accurate and steady current readings
  • Can be used in all weather
  • ls made to withstand tough environments
  • Commonly available battery that is easily replaced by the use


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