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JVA 3G Cellular Gateway


SKU : PTE0320_3G

JVA 3G Cellular Gateway

$321.30 Excl Sales Tax.


The JVA 3G Cellular Gateway allows for wireless communication between the JVA Cloud Router and a group of Z-series energizers, monitors, and accessories, enabling remote access and monitoring of all of your devices from your smart phone or PC. This Gateway features an intelligent bandwidth-conserving protocol that only updates your device information if there are any changes to the connected energizer network, significantly reducing the Gateway’s data consumption.

The PTE0320 also includes a redundant SMS sub-system, which can provide a backup control and notification system for up to 10 users by SMS.


  • Mounts inside the energiser enclosure
  • Connects up to 15 JVA Z-series Energizers, monitors and accessories
  • Allows monitoring and control of your site from anywhere in the world with the Cloud Router app*
  • Conserves bandwidth by only sending new information to the Cloud Router, ensuring minimum data use
  • Cloud router can be configured to send alerts via SMS, Email or Facebook messenger **
  • Enables energizer network history logging with the Cloud Router, showing exactly what happened, when, and who authorized it

For more information, visit: https://www.jva-fence.com/security/cloudrouter/setup_cell_guide.php


3 Year Manufacturer Warranty (excluding lightning damage)


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