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JVA Plastic Profiles



JVA Plastic Profiles

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he JVA R&D team has solved one of the worst problems faced by home owners in coastal areas. Salt deposits on electric fences can lead to arcing and false alarms, not to mention rusting and failure of metal fittings. The solution is our new range of extruded and moulded plastic brackets.

These state-of-the art extruded profile brackets can be used to reinforce palisade and are ideal for matching and reinforcing modern welded mesh Clear-vu type fencing. The insulators clip easily into place and can be used with a variety of wiring configurations.

JVA EPX Intermediate Profile
This bracket can be used as an intermediate post with the N902 Intermediate Insulator and N908 Pin fitted. It can also be used as a straining post in conjunction with N902S Strain Insulators and N908 Pins. When used as a strain post, it is recommended that the post be reinforced with one 3-foot length of 13/32"  304 grade, stainless steel, inserts to strengthen the post further when under tension.

Available in: 4,6,8,10,18,21,24 and 30 wire spacings.

JVA EPX Corner 90° Profile
This bracket, used in conjunction with the N902 Corner Strain Insulator, is the ideal straining point for the inside of a 90° corner of a conventional, square-tube fence post.The post can be further reinforced with 3-foot x 13/32" lengths of 304 grade, stainless steel rod.

Available in: 4,6,8,10,18,21,24 and 30 wire spacings.

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