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JVA Ethernet GPIO Board with TCPIP & Enclosure Box


SKU : JPTE0248

JVA Ethernet GPIO Board with TCPIP & Enclosure Box

$175.00 Excl Sales Tax.

The JVA Ethernet GPIO Board adds even more functionality to the JVA Perimeter Alarm System. It provides stand alone inputs and outputs to easily integrate external equipment into the Perimeter Patrol System. The inputs can monitor either Digital or Analogue devices such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors and water level indicators, while the outputs can be used to turn on security lighting, sirens or water pumps.

Finally, the GPIO board can be configured to provide a combination of Perimeter Patrol Outputs and Energizer Expansion Outputs on the one board for greater flexibility. The Ethernet GPIO board also provides Ethernet connectivity between Perimeter Patrol and up-to 14 Z-Series Energizers or Monitors.


  • Four user configurable inputs
  • Four 10-Amp relays each configurable to one of twenty functions
  • Simple integration into Perimeter Patrol
  • Provides Ethernet connection to Perimeter Patrol for up-to 14 Z-Series Energizers
  • Configuration is possible through the JVA Keypad\
  • Pluggable connectors make wiring easy


2 Year Manufacturer Warranty (excluding lightning damage)


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