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JVA VM2 Vibration Monitor only



JVA VM2 Vibration Monitor only

$1,170.95 Excl Sales Tax.

JVA VM2 Vibration Monitor only

The JVA VM2 is a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System utilizing Microphonic Cable. The VM2 (PTE0342) is designed to monitor 1 or 2 zones of Microphonic (acoustic) cable and detect attempted breaches of perimeters, by detecting  the noise and vibrations created by unauthorized access or vandalism. The monitoring cables may be buried to detect digging; or attached to a fence or placed inside a wall, roof or floor, etc. to detect illegal activity.

The VM2, coupled with correctly installed cable, creates a fully monitored and zoned intrusion detection system.  The VM2 has adjustable threshold and time parameters that allow the installer to tune the system to differentiate between an intrusion attempt and normal environmental sound vibrations. The VM2 complements the JVA Range of security electric fence energizers and monitors.


  • Competitively priced solution  
  • Compatible with security electric fencing (can be used adjacent to or on the same fence)
  • Operates with:
  • Z-Range Keypads
  • Perimeter Patrol
  • Cloud Router®
  • Detects cut or shorted cables
  • Buried cable sensor system is able to monitor 2 runs of up to 984 ft of active cable
  • Detects digging with any common tool, spade, pick, crowbar, etc.
  • Able to be attached (cable tied) to palisade or mesh fencing
  • Detects cutting by a power tool
  • Detects hammering or crowbars separating bars
  • Simple setup of sensitivity levels (threshold, event limit and window)
  • Independent settings for each zone
  • Can be retro fitted
  • On board Wi-Fi
  • Virtual Keypad™ for programming
  • Cloud Router® Gateway
  • LCD display
  • Z-Series Keypad Bus Mk2
  • IO (inputs and relays)
  • Arm 1, 2
    3 Switched 12V outputs
  • 3 Form C dry contact or 12V switched relays
  • Battery charger for stand-alone operation
  • 12 or 24V DC operation, low power requirements
  • Self-diagnostics with on-board LEDs for:
    • Wi-Fi status
    • PCB error
    • Cut or shorted cable
    • Events
    • All power fails
    • Battery power
    • Supply power
    • Relay functions

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